Better Accessories

Every Jhola needs it's own accessories, depending on how organised you like your things. Scroll through our wide collection and expand the options for the products you're interested in by clicking on Load More button.

Artist's Roll-Up Pouch


The best pouch a stationery lover deserves, that's all of us! Keep all your stationery organised and tidy in one place. Use and wrap it up to secure it. Wash it when you feel it's high time. Easy Peasy!

Sleeping Eye Masks

Travelling or just catching a quick nap during the day. This one is a companion you need in your Jhola always. With the comfort of cotton and the quirk we have in all our products, this one is the perfect gift as well.


Better Wallets


Wallets are usually pretty boring. The designs haven't changed much over the years, even with the digital age kicking in. While we are forced to use a men's style wallet in black, brown or tan, these are a few different take on how wallets should be.

Laptop Sleeves

Your partner through those long work, school or study sessions needs some tender loving care of its own. With super soft quilted sleeves, it stays protected always. Check the lovely prints and patterns in both 13 and 15 inches.