Jholacraft has always been dedicated to offer high quality, creative handcrafted solutions with no compromise to quality. With the priority of the product standards being established, there is a cruicial concern we have had regarding what impact we make along with our products through the various other stuff we do. The impact made by the materials, practices and everything we do and support has a very high importance as we are in times when we have to contemplate how to do business while keeping the social, environmental and economic effects and perspectives in mind. The campaigns we run or support have and will always be to aid creativity and growth of individuals with solutions for problems faced by us in our daily lives. Like someone said "the most sustainable way of shopping is not buying anything at all". The constant focus on making purpose driven products which can be reused, repaired and recycled is a vital trait in our development process. With certain initiatives and steps slated to be taken taken in the given time frame we ensure constant updatation of our goal setting and completion or delays if any.
Jholacraft has its goals aligned with certain Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Development Goals. Apart for these few, we are constantly exploring ways to contribute and align with the rest.





responsible consumption & production


life below water


life on land

As a part of our efforts to have a positive impact and a sustainable approach we have undertaken certain initiatives with some help from Hatti and Company - A group young individuals that helps with sustainability based approach and strategy. As a part of our Phase 1 transformation we are currently working on the following objectives which are to be completed and fulfilled by 1st January 2020. 

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