Buying products online is becoming more and more skeptical because of the practices surrounding it. Gone are the days when we had relations with local stores and shopkeepers where terms like quality were subconsciously attributed and recognized.

Today in online retail they have become mere words in brand and company policies where the game is all about trying to fit products in pricing ranges suitable for online marketplaces. In order to retain the feel of a local market place we have collaborated with Hatti and Company.


In order to switch to better practices ourselves and help our customers in creating a better future from the current trends. The first step towards sustainability for us has been through getting our customers know better about who made their products. Rather than just another product you found scrolling through the vast ocean called internet, we wish that you would see it as a creative masterpiece that a human spent time on trying to get it perfect just for you.


Join us on this journey today by following the simple steps mentioned below and do share the experience if you like and felt the impact yourself

Ever wondered who made the bag you call your favourite?

We help make the possible.


Check the tag on the product you just bought and check for the QR code and the six digit UID

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