There's enough garbage around us already that we still haven't figured  out about yet. This is how you can start your zero waste lifestyle with the stuff you bought from Jholacraft


All Jholacraft products come with a promise that we will fix the products in case of any damage. There is nothing wrong in repairing stuff. A sign of being 'cheap' earlier is today a symbol of empowerment. Our products are designed to last and are easily mended with minimal efforts and resources. If you bring the damaged product to us, we will fix it for you at free.
Send a simple mail to get your product repaired
Now with the packaging and the collaterals like the labels and tags. Follow the simple steps mentioned here to give these usually neglected and discarded items a second life, designed by us to reduce the disposable factor as much as possible and make everything we make reusable and multi use.



Well, don't just stop here. These are some simple steps in which you can do your part in making planet earth more livable in the future. Checkout the crazy resources from United Nations Development Program's Sustainable Development Goals
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Cutting and stitching fabrics from standard rectangular rolls leaves us with a lot of amll pieces of fabrics. Usually these go in the dump and end up in a landfill or the ocean. We have started a collection named 'Scrappy', in order to use these bits and pieces to craft beautiful pieces and products. The efforts in this in double that of the usual products hence are a bit pricer than ususal. Well, it's negligible to the cost our planet pays if we dump it! Just check the 'Scrappy' field in the store filter to see all the products.


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