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Long gone are the days when you keep multiple boxes and pouches for your stationery. Now stay organised with maximum accessibility. Crafted to accomodate all standard sized stationery, it also comes with a zipper closing pouch for your saller stuff like pins, erasers and sharpners.

The Roll-up pouch comes in beautiful handpicked prints from traditional handcrafted fabrics like ikkat to vibrant technicolour graphics. Find you match at our very own forum for artists. For the little kid who just started painting his dreams to the professional who is searching for the perfect place for the fancy kit, its made just for you. It might as well be the first machine washable stationery storage accessory.

Did you find your match yet?

Bikes Artist’s Pouch

SKU: J144
Only 5 left in stock
    • 100% Cotton Fabric
    • Machine Washable
    • Perfected for Standard Stationery
    • Super Compact
    • Handcrafted
    • Made with Love in India