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Sunita Hatte


"I started off in my guestroom with a domestic stitching machine and some bits of cloth from my quilting project. What was meant to be a quilted laptop cover for my daughter, lead to my second project: an external hard disk cover for my daughter.


And six months down the line I was attending exhibitions and gifting handcrafted stuff i made at home with handpicked fabrics that I picked from all around. My Husband got me labels and visiting cards printed overnight while I was still figuring out a name for this right before my first exhibition pop-up. 


That's how S Creations came into being. My hobby finally had a name. About five years down the line after making what-not, from pouches to quilts for friends and family. Here I am showcasing stuff online for the first time. Welcome to the world of Jholacraft.

All products are crafted with the finest materials. Every little product is as thoughtful at it gets, made to improve your daily lives and help you achieve more"


Know about me better. If you want to know more about my helpers and workers, scan the QR code on every product you buy.


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