The Quilted Jhola

We started with Quilts. My first product was a quilt. The second one was a baby quilt and then the rest were born.

The quilted jhola is handcrafted with fabrics handpicked from across India. Most being block printed a few come in beautiful prints. All quilted jhola are zipper closing with additional zipper compartment inside. The usual problem with our keys vanishing in the messy bags of ours has been taken care of ere, with a key leash. The Jhola have a lot of work gone into them with some having Applique work or patchwork. Perfected over years, the jhola is the most durable and tough one in the lot. The jhola is washable and all you need to do is wash it the way you wash your cottons.

The Reversible Jhola


The jhola is a handblock printed. The colours used are all natural vegetable colours. If that's not all, the jhola is reversible.

Having two jholas in one, just switch over to the other side easily. Beautiful block prints are all ikkat, kalamkari and madhubani inspired. Like all our other jhola this one is washable too. For the first wash please use shampoo as them being natural colours, there is a tendency to fade graciously over years. If you're looking for natural and ecofriendly jhola, then this is the one. Something you can call truly sustainable.

The Urban Jhola


As most of the fabrics we use are handcrafted or block printed. The motifs used are usually inspired by nature. The colours used also are usually quite vibrant.

The patterns and colours have been more women centric. There have been calls for a more day-to-day college or office friendly jhola. We have hence designed and crafted the urban jhola for the urban trotter. Perfected for your daily trips, the jhola like all other is multi-fuctional yet has the added advantage of  being laptop friendly. The jhola comes in black and navy pinstripes.

The Shabnam Jhola



Though the jhola existed far before the movie Shabnam was released, it was made popular as 'Shabnam' by it as Dilip Kumar and Actress Kamini would be seen wearing it in the movie which released in 1949. The jhola has been a companion for numerous noted journalists, activists, social workers, poets, students and a whole generation of Indians.

Over the years the ways changed and a Shabnam which accompanied the person everywhere he or she went lost its place in our lives. The easily available carry bags which were handed to us at every grocery and store became the status quo. And a a decade or so down the line we are now amidst a crisis dealing with our disposable practices and their effects.

out of the million things we would like to bring back which make us nostalgic, the shabnam jhola has been right up there on the list. Made with 100% Cotton, the pastel shades are selected for their grace that they exhibit over the years after use and wash. Machine washable and easy folding jholas could be in your backapck, purse, bike dikki, car glove box or your back pocket. making a switch to better practices is the way forward. When are you making the Switch to Better?

The shabnam jhola was a part of India's culture for a very long time. In the Post Independence era, this jhola became a symbol for many.

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