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A simple term that we have heard or even used. The great Indian traditional bag comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter what fanciest or the most popular type of bag comes around, the humble Jhola has stayed put in our lives. At Jholacraft we are bringing back the best bag ever in new ways, welcome to the World of Jholacraft.

Reversible Jhola


If you like block printed fabrics, then this one will double your joy. The Reversible Jhola can be flipped over to another side of  beautiful print within seconds. Block Printed with vegetable dyes on cotton, this is the holy grail of Indian Craftsmanship.


The Pocket Jhola is structured like a carry bag and crafted with the toughest cotton fabric. It's foldable and accomodates into the tiny pouch attched to it. Foldable & it even fits in your pocket. Drop one in your bag, purse or even glovebox.Skip all kinds of single use carry bags be it plastic or paper, switch to better lifestyle. These are easy to wash too, just drop it in your next laundry load.

Pocket Jhola
Shabnam Jhola


The shabnam jhola was a part of India's culture for a very long time. In the Post Independence era, this jhola became a symbol for many. Though the jhola existed far before the movie Shabnam was released, it was made popular as 'Shabnam' by it as Dilip Kumar and Actress Kamini would be seen wearing it in the movie which released in 1949. The jhola has been a companion for numerous noted journalists, activists, social workers, poets, students and a whole generation of Indians.

Over the years the ways changed and a Shabnam which accompanied the person everywhere he or she went lost its place in our lives. The easily available carry bags which were handed to us at every grocery and store became the status quo. And a a decade or so down the line we are now amidst a crisis dealing with our disposable practices and their effects.

out of the million things we would like to bring back which make us nostalgic, the shabnam jhola has been right up there on the list. Made with 100% Cotton, the pastel shades are selected for their grace that they exhibit over the years after use and wash. Machine washable and easy folding jholas could be in your backapck, purse, bike dikki, car glove box or your back pocket. making a switch to better practices is the way forward. When are you making the Switch to Better?


As most of the fabrics we use are handcrafted or block printed, the patterns and colours have been more women centric over the years and hence doesn't appeal to today's urban generation be it millennial or gen-z. The messenger Jhola is designed for the daily commuter who wants easy access and flexible store. With premium hues of navy blue and black, this one is perfect for men and women of all ages.

Messenger Jhola
Sling Jhola


The quintessential Sling has been a woman's companion for a very long time. The Sling Jhola is crafted with the daily needs and fuction in mind. With beautiful hues and prints, a Sling Jhola is never a burden in your wardrobe.


Crafted with the finest cotton fabrics block printed with natural dyes, the design is optimised for the best functionality. It can be used in three ways: like a backpack, sling and a cross body bag. The best for three in one.With the main compartment zipper hidden on the backside, it's theft proof too. Three zipper closing compartments on the front and a zipper closing mobile pouch inside, this one will definitely keep you organised on the go.

Super Backpack
Quilted Jhola


The art of quilting is well known across the world. The fluffiest quilts that we need to catch the best sleep being the first thing that comes to our minds. Quilting brings about the beauty in fabrics and arts, giving it a sold yet a personal feel. This one is the best Jhola that one could possess.