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Lifestyle Essentials

Simple additions to your jhola. These lifestyle accessories aren't made in China like most. Made to make tough days easier and prettier for sure. Easy wash and dry. Scroll through our wide collection and expand the options for the products you're interested in by clicking on Load More button.

Sleeping Eyemask


Travelling or just catching a quick nap during the day. This one is a companion you need in your Jhola always. With the comfort of cotton and the quirk we have in all our products, this one is the perfect gift as well.

Mobile Charger Holder & Pouch

Your phone hasn't been trained in doing gymnastic tricks or even high jump. Stop searching for a safe socket or balancing your phone on the edges. The charger holder is definitely something to keep handy in your Jhola on all outings. When folded and buttoned up, it also doubles as a charger case when not in use, stay tangle free.