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Organisers & Potli

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Artist's Roll-Up Pouch

The best pouch a stationery lover deserves, that's all of us! Keep all your stationery organised and tidy in one place. Use and wrap it up to secure it. Wash it when you feel it's high time. Easy Peasy!

Bow Pin Organiser

How often do we struggle with al our hair accessories getting tangled, mixed-up, breaking on the more or even when at home. While this not only keeps all your hair accessories organised, it is definitely the best solution as all you need to do is find a nail or hook to hang it up when needed. Equipped with two rows of clip lines, it also has a third quick releasing line for bows. The zipper pouch keeps your tiny hairbands bands or brooches securely. Made with premium cotton, these can be easily hand washed. Call it a pouch, organiser or a case, we all know this can't get any easier. Keep your collection growing while our organiser does the rest for you!