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What Is Jholacraft?

Welcome to the world of Jholacraft. Every little thing we make is as smart as it gets. Time's up for the generic bags and accessories!

Jholacraft makes the finest and the smartest handcrafted bags and accessories. Inspired by our daily lives and Indian arts, these are built to last crafted from fine cotton fabrics and proudly imagined and made in India. Be it pretty Indian block prints or colourful quirky prints, there's something for everyone. The key highlights would definitely include the hand embroidered series, applique series and last but not the least scrappy series.

Small Beginnings

Started by Sunita Hatte as a hobby of quilting, slowing grew into a large collection of bags and accessories crafted by incorporating the same skills and techniques. A surprise addition to a local flea led to the hobby turning into a small business. Run from the extra guest room of her home, every little thing from manufacturing is done in house, or shall I say in the in room?

Small Business Love

Over the last few years since inception, majorly including the tough corona times, the eternal continuing love from all of you has made it possible to consistently offer new creative & innovative additions while keeping the feel of handcrafted goodness alive. Making innovative products is to add not just a beautiful looking arm candy in your collection but something that improves your daily lives multifold, by simply making them smarter & better. Your continued support not only supports my hobby but keeps alive a local economy by supporting livelihoods of smallest craftsmen based in the heart of India.

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