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Kids Birthday Return Gift Ideas 2022

Kids these days need smarter gifts be it any occasion like birthday or a festival like Diwali or Navratri, return gifts need to be well thought of. Jholacraft brings you the smartest gifts for kids of all ages be it a girl or a boy. Budget friendly, eco-friendly, sustainable and made in India. Discounts for bulk purchases too.

Here's compiled list of products from Jholacraft perfect for kids. Select and message us for placing bulk orders with discount.

#1 The Pencil Pouch

The super awesome and aptly named Pencil Pouch is perfect for all stationery. This will definitely bring a smile on a kid's face. Cute, smart and quirky these are perfect for colour pencils, sketch pens, pencils and everything else one carries in their pouch. Like all Jholacraft products this one is finely handcrafted in India. Easily washable, just wash it like you wash your cotton apparel. Pick a print that fits you!

#2 Artist's Roll-Up Pouch

Long gone are the days when you keep multiple boxes and pouches for your stationery. Now stay organised with maximum accessibility. Crafted to accommodate all standard sized stationery, it also comes with a zipper closing pouch for your smaller stuff like pins, erasers and sharpeners. The Roll-up pouch comes in beautiful handpicked prints from traditional handcrafted fabrics like Ikkat to vibrant technicolor graphics. Find you match at our very own forum for artists. For the little kid who just started painting his dreams to the professional who is searching for the perfect place for the fancy kit, its made just for you. It might as well be the first machine washable stationery storage accessory. Did you find your match yet?

#3 Bow-Pin Organiser

How often do we struggle with al our hair accessories getting tangled, mixed-up, breaking on the more or even when at home. While this not only keeps all your hair accessories organised, it is definitely the best solution as all you need to do is find a nail or hook to hang it up when needed. Equipped with two rows of clip lines, it also has a third velcorw releasing line for bows. The zipper pouch keeps your tiny hairbands bands or brooches securely. Made with premium cotton, these can be easily hand washed.Call it a pouch, organiser or a case, we all know this can't get any easier. Keep your collection growing while our organiser does the rest for you!

#4 Portable Pen Stand

Why keep a pen stand when your pouch can do it too? The Stand Pouch is a mix of both, pen stand as well as a pouch. Well you could just call it a portable stand, all you need to do is unzip and pull the upper sleeve down using the two holders on the sides to reveal the pens and colours. Easily washable and perfect for all sizes of pens and pencils, this one works for kids and professionals both. Just find your favourite prints and pattern. Portable Stand for your artistic projects.

#5 Quirky Cotton Eyemask

Jholacraft brings you handcrafted eye masks for those long haul flights and travels. Take a afternoon nap or maybe just sleep after a loooong night at work or better, a party. Get some quirk for your rest. Adjustable elastic that fits securely and made with pure cotton. Quirky and cute prints that match your vibe!

There's a lot more!

Adding new smart products every day. Something one can use daily to improve their lives. Cute, smart and made to last. Connect with us to place your bulk orders. Order Now. Let me know what you loved the most of these all below in comments.

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